Why do Tonsil Stones is Very Annoying for Us

Why do tonsil stones is very annoying for us? because tonsil stones smell bad and sometime it’s hard to remove 😦 Tonsil stone is one of the disorders which makes a lot of people become very upset, including me in the past. The tonsil stones fact is really like that, tonsil stones is very annoying for all of us because it can make our life unhappy and uncomfortable. But as I have explained in THIS article, and THIS article, tonsil stones it is not really difficult to be cured if we already know about how to cure it. In this article, I just want to tell you the facts about why tonsil stones are very annoying for me, maybe you too.

1. Smell Bad

When you wake up in the morning, you will cleaning up yourself, wash your face, hands and even brush your teeth after breakfast. But all of that things is not enough to eliminate the odor from the tonsil stones, tonsil stones is very bad of smell, you may feel nauseous if you feel the smell. This is the first fact why tonsil stones are very annoying. Tonsil stone made by micro particle and bacteria!

2. Pain while swallow

When you’re enjoying an expensive menu at an super restaurant, you may feel very happy, luxurious atmosphere and high class of music will make you feel like in a surge, but the fact is all of that can be destroyed in an instant. If you’re have tonsil stones, it will make you like a crazy guy, pain in the throat will usually appear caused by tonsil stones. When someone with tonsil stones is swallowing the food, and yes the tonsil stones give the effect of painful when swallowing, this is the second fact why tonsil stones are very annoying, fancy restaurant, good food? that is not enough to enjoy your life is you have tonsil stone.

3. Bad breath, give me more air !!

Shortness of breath (bad breath) is one of the effects of tonsil stones which is very popular. Indeed not all people who suffer from tonsil stones can feel it, but believe me, when these symptoms come up, then you will feel uncomfortable, whenever and wherever you are. At night, it’s the time to sleep and it can be a hostile, when tonsils tones symptoms attack you, then you will feel the tightness when breathing, because tonsil stones can cover most of your throat cavity, and cover most of your respiratory tract. Do not expect to sleep comfortably, just thinking about it will make me very sick.

Do you still want to life with the tonsil stones inside your throat? I don’t think so, natural and home tonsil stones removal is the best way to cure your suffer. The facts above is enough to make me hate tonsil stones forever, and how to cure tonsil stones? There are many ways that we can take to remove tonsils tones, just wait for the next post 😀