Justine is Non-Expert Guy, He Just Treatments Enthusiast

In fact, people have right to understand the work of every treatment for medication, so it doesn’t always belong to experts. Although the non-expert guy like me tend to be considered as “treatment enthusiast” thus we still need to learn self-medication as the early aid before going further to any expensive counter remedies. There are more reasons of why people should be aware of “DIY” such treatment. Anyways, let’s have a discussion about it thoroughly.

Some of mentioned fiction stories below, are potentially based on real story. Nevertheless, we can positively obtain the moral story through your reading.

A Strong Kid, and Parents that Didn’t Learn Well

In a sunny morning, a family was recently surmounted by sorrow, and no exact reason was discovered yet. Evidently, the child got fever so he felt limp and became fussy. During the time, his parents started to nurse him by compressing his forehead using wet towel, and giving febrifuge in hope they work as relief. After the kid consumed the medicines, then he felt getting better, but it’s not the end of the story. Right after his parents’ remedies starting to cope the kid’s condition, soon the kid sensed his disease to return from. At last, the higher fever recur into the poor kid, so his parents have him to take more the same medicines as previous. Unfortunately, the medicines that were given by his parents, didn’t seem to take any role as was expected. The kid had his disease was getting worse than before. The situation was getting worsened as his mother and father didn’t think doctors as the best, and possible solution to handle the current disease that infected their child.

In short, the kid didn’t find receive meaningful aid from his parents, soon the kid met his decease. The inevitable grief soon came toward his father and mother, as they had finally lost their beloved child. This actually shouldn’t be happening, and was a truly his parents mistake. While it’s true that they are not medical experts, at least the knowledge of fever treatment should be possessed. Therefore, I really need to convince the reader regarding to the importance of being “treatment enthusiast.”

Scarlet fever was actually the disease that infected the kid, so the awareness of the parents toward its characteristic was totally a failure. The disease would surely find its cope when the characteristics was well known, so the kid didn’t have to be the “victim.”

Nowadays, a lot of people learn on how to minister any kind of disease includes; illness in adults and kids. As the particular information related to medication, is currently running to its easiness. For me it is a good news, so hopefully thousand lives will be saved.


By reading to the story above, the parents did actually comprehend of way treating their sick child. Unfortunately, the knowledge was still limited, so it doesn’t reach the aim in saving the kid’s life. I’m pretty sure that people mostly don’t want the similar case to happen. Certainly, the death cases are often caused by the ignorance of the immediate treatments for recent diseases. In modern countries, it appears less, as possibly the technology of information influences the expansion. Yet, the inland society will surely find difficulty to retrieve useful information about medication approaches. Remember, please learn about the treatment, causes also the preventing problems.

This blog has only purpose to convince people of nursing, and doesn’t predispose the readers to become an expert. So, people must at least possess become the “treatment enthusiast” who gain comprehension of many things related to early medication. My personal hints for you; if you have intention to discover the appropriate treatments, so you must firstly learn about the detailed characteristics of the disease, symptoms, the causes, and the suitable remedies. For the purpose of widely spreading the information related to diseases and their medications, you may read the whole article on this blog.

So, keep in mind that majority still uncomprehend about specific treatment for any disease, and they don’t have to become as expert as doctors. Otherwise, you may avoid severe problems in the future. Good luck!


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